New colour samples

To further promote our standard colors, we now offer 2 new color samples:

  • a handy booklet with aluminum plates for your representatives
  • a showroom sample of 1,20 m with the 6 colours that can change places or can be taken out. With invisible mounting option

You can order this via the commercial tools order form in the client zone of our website.

New Prefab Veranda Providers

You can download the latest libraries for our Prefab Veranda Concept (2019-4) and Prefab „BASIC models” concept (2019-3) in the download section of the client zone at our website.

The new libraries have some minor changes to the coding. We have solved a number of visual errors and simplified some parameters. Some minor adjustments to the price in minus and plus, as a result of changes by our suppliers.
These libraries are already in use by our production department, from the first of June.

Also, you can find a new multifilings-provider, updated especially for the terras veranda and the multifiling around the classic dome.

For more information or help with the installation or training please ask your representative. We can support on site or from distance.

Improved sealing for windows&doors

Gaskets for Allure and Quartz 125

Due to a few comments from customers and further research, we have decided to adjust the inner rubbers to 1 thickness higher, than prescribed by the catalogs of our aluminum supplier.

For each order we change the gaskets for glazing of:

  • 28 mm from 738249 > to > 738240
  • 30 mm from 738241 > to > 738242

Depending on the season, these gaskets will be easier or more difficult to place, but they will ensure that there is more pressure on the glass, which will result in better watertightness.
As a result, the difference of a few mm in the glass thicknesses supplied by your glass supplier is better absorbed.

Inside foam in all window systems

After tests we no longer provide the foam that is currently glued in pieces on the inside of the frame. This element has no added value in our constructions and if not correctly repositioned it can block the drainage of the window. You can always ask, to add the foam in the ordersheet.

Extra gasket in turn & tilt windows

To also improve the water and wind resistance of opening and turn & tilt windows, an extra gasket will now be added to the outside frame. This provides a double seal of the window. These gaskets are adapted to have a decompression of the outer frame.
The installation of a water-repeller remains a necessity.

For more information ask your representative !


We take a summer break at our production entity from 20/07 till 04/08.

Our last week of delivery is week 29!
We restart our deliveries in week 33!

Please let us know, when your company have holidays to organise our transports !

Provider 2018_3

From 1/11/2018 you can download the latest libraries for our new provider 2018_3. These you can find in the download section of the client zone at our website.The new libraries „Prefab Veranda“ are now ready for the Cover static and thermic module in the cover version 2.1 (except thermal of flat roofs, coming up later).

Velux with hidden gutter

In this provider you will find:

  • small adaptations in products and series
  • all new features for Hybrid
  • new profiles
  • insulation between the beams
  • hidden gutter
  • Velux dome
  • Allure 61 cold for patio
  • Quartz 125 adaptations (long keep/brushes/posts)
  • graphite handles
  • standard Colors

Cover 3D version  2.1

Also on our download page you can find the versions for Cover 3D 2.1 for the usb key as for the soft key.
2.1 is the next generation version for our 3D software, and brings new features for as well the sales as the technical department.

  • thermal calculation windows and verandas (flat roofs is coming up)
  • static calculation with our provider, checking the stability of a project against earthquakes
  • new render engine for realistic views
  • photographic textures
  • import dxf in Cover design
  • new functionalities in navigation, divisions, documents etc.

Tarif 2018_3

Unlike our announcement in beginning of this year we managed to counteract a strong increase in prices. Adaptation of some purchase prices and assembly methods, currency, etc. what will cause an increase of +/- 1,5 % (instead of the announced 5% in April). With a significant change in the colour rates and some innovative changes in the hybrid, we can even announce that for some projects there will be a decrease in the price!


New delivery method for the delivery of windows and doors on with wooden stands, without an adaptation of the transport price  (some profiles without protection tape delivered in wooden stands) This will decrease your unloading time with 2/3 of the hours!

All the tests we did where satisfactory.

Overhang with hidden gutter

Starting from September we introduce a new variant to our standard overhangs for hybrid flat roofs!

We observe a blatant tendency according to which flat roofs with modern and contemporary architecture will be unavoidable in the future.
New finish for the gutter: the current finish or invisible gutter (always with the possibility to add roller shutters).
Reducing the thickness of the structure by reducing the I-Joist in-betweens to integrate some of the insulation (40mm), without neglecting the static and the thermal insulation.
If you need more information, please ask your sales representative in September, the technical documentation will be available on the site from our customer area.

  • clean and innovative design
  •  all the benefits of our hybrid and improved flat roofs!
  • evacuation of water at the outside of the structure in the overhang
  • according to the rules of CSTB and WTCB
  • standard overhang of 1 bardage
  • easy to implement on your 3D drawing