Cookies policy

Prefab Veranda Polska uses online technologies that allow it to increase the ease of use of our websites and apps and make our services as interesting as possible. Such technologies, such as pixels, tags, SDKs and cookies, which retrieve or store data from your device, are simply called “cookies”. 

We think it’s important that you understand exactly what cookies we use, why we do this, who we work with for this purpose and how you can manage your cookie settings. All this information can be found in this Cookie Policy. It applies to all websites and apps of Prefab Veranda Polska..

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are placed on your computer, smartphone, tablet, digital TV box or smart TV. These small text files contain information, often an unique identification number, that uniquely identifies your browser or device. This allows us to learn more about you, your use of our websites and apps, or your preferences and interests. You decide on your own how we can use these information via your cookie settings on all our sites and apps.

Where does PVP use  cookies?

At PVP,  we use cookies on all our websites and in all our apps.

Why does PVP use  cookies?

In order to make our websites and apps function (“functional cookies”) and to map the general use of our site (“statistical cookies”);

Below you can find more explanations for each purpose.

Functional cookies are used to make the websites or apps work. Without these cookies, our websites and apps cannot work properly. That’s why you can’t refuse or turn them off.

These include cookies that:

  • Help you remember preferences such as language or region;
  • Ensure that there is optimal image, video, and screen view on your device;
  • Allow you to log in and stay logged in;
  • Allow us to detect abuse and fraud;
  • Technically necessary for the delivery of content
  • Allow us to detect bugs or other problems on the website and in the app.

With statistical cookies, we map the general use of our websites and apps in an anonymised way. More specifically, we use statistical cookies to determine which parts of the websites or apps are most interesting to the users. We do this by measuring how many people come to a website or use an app, and which pages, items or articles are viewed the most.

The information we collect in this way is used to compile statistics. These statistics give us insight into how often certain web pages or parts of an app are visited and where visitors and users generally spend the most time. This allows us to make the structure, navigation and content of the website or app as user-friendly as possible. These statistics and other reports cannot be traced back to individuals.

Why the user cannot refuse all cookies?

Functional cookies will always be placed because they are necessary to make the website work. Statistical cookies are also always loaded, because the data we collect is not personal.

How long are cookies tracked?

How long a cookie is tracked varies by cookie. Just to clarify, there are two types of cookies:

  • Temporary cookies (“session cookies”): these are cookies that are temporary and will be deleted as soon as you close your browser or app;
  • Persistent cookies: these cookies will remain stored on your device until their retention period is exceeded or until you actively erase them from your device.

How can the user manually delete or turn off cookies?

You can choose in any browser to delete all cookies that are already on your computer. Please note that you need to adjust these settings for each browser on each device you use separately. If you choose not to allow any kind of cookies in your browser, including functional cookies, this may have a negative impact on the operation of our websites.

Does PVP do automated individual decision-making?

No. European data protection legislation (GDPR) imposes certain conditions on organisations when making decisions about individuals solely on the basis of automated processing, including profiling, and when such decisions have legal consequences or other significant consequences. Specifically, the law refers to examples such as an automatic refusal of an online credit application or processing of applications over the Internet without human intervention. PVP  does not do this kind of decision-making.

Rights related to the processing of personal data

The information contained in cookies may in certain cases constitute a personal data within the meaning of the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”).

The GDPR always obliges us to have a legal basis to process your personal data. As far as functional cookies are concerned, PVP relies on its legitimate interest in offering visitors and users an optimal and secure website, app or service. The same applies to statistical cookies, where it is justified in VPPs  to collect anonymized statistical data on the use of its websites and apps.

In addition to the right to revoke your consent at all times, under the GDPR as a consumer you have some other rights that you can exercise against PVP.  This also includes the right to lodge a complaint with the Data Protection Authority.

In case of questions about our Cookie Policy, you can contact the Data Protection Officer of PVP in the following way:

by post: 36-060 Głogów Małopolski, ul. Świętego Maksymiliana Kolbego 20 , or

by e-mail: