A new architecture for extensions

  • contemporary modern extension
  • sleek and minimalist look
  • fine roof edge with suspended ceiling
  • spacious feeling through large glass surfaces
  • real flat roof – with or without dome
  • high insulation and static values
  • a large range of windows and doors even with open corners or minimalist series
  • a completely different experience of your living space


To stay in the modern, minimalist and cubic design, you initially have a choice of 5 models, expandable with a dome. The only limit we build in today is a construction depth of 5 m. All static rules and other configurations are always checked by our study office. You can always contact them for specific questions.


The dome is flat (3 ° inclination) with small minimalist rafters in a black finish on the outside. We standard divide the dome into 1m glasses. There is also an option to glass against glass solutions or the dome in 1 large glass. This can always be checked at our study office. Maximum dimensions 2.5 m deep and 5 m long.

Maximum dimensions 2.5 m deep and 5 m long


  • Modern design finish of the ceiling integration of lightning or screens without a problem
  • Open corner sliding door system “Graphite” to extend your living room to the outdoor
  • Special inside posts in steel finished in aluminum and in color of the extension
  • Use of folding doors, steel-look or minimalistic windows series without limits
  • Special prefabricated walls, fully integrated in the construction, with outside and inside finishing at the clients wish
  • Integrated drainage of the roof by the post or the prefabricated wall we suggest floor drainage to give it all a sleek look

Because this is a new conception and product, we will offer more models, supplements and configurations in the near future.

Coming soon …

Atrium with overhang and/or pergola part.