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Flat roofs

The flat roof in its essence with a slope created by wooden wedges instead insulation in slope and a choose to use your own claddings and finishings, your own insulation, with or without a dome….

ECO flat roof all options at your disposal

  • Possibility to purchase and to install your own flat insulation (Flat insulation is too cheap per m² to transport on long distances)
  • Possibility to purchase and to install your own finishing of your choice. (Folded Sheets, Trespa, …)

ECO flat roof

Strong points

  • Very competitive price
  • Developed with 100 mm insulation, so also to use as “outdoor”
  • 3D visualization and calculation in Cover by our parametric models
  • Overhang made of 18 mm thickness plate what makes it more stable
  • Possible to add additional insulation between the beams using an intelligent vapor barrier


  • Max depth: 5000 mm
  • In 1-side sloped roof, drainage is possible only at the front
  • Max thickness of finishing by the client is 45 mm

Find out how easy it is to make your ECO flat roof in Cover 3D

Wonder how our flat roofs membrane is placed – check out vidoes from the playlist FRF

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