Who we are

With 30 years of experience in prefabrication of verandas our products meet all the needs of a contemporary veranda builder thanks to five pillars.

  1. Product quality It is our aim to achieve a high level of technical performance accompanied with an efficient logistics, based on years of experience of our employees.
  2. ICT Using our Prefab Veranda data to succeed for a profitable functioning and the Cover 3D program, with our parametric models, to prepare, visualize and calculate easily an offer.
  3. Training and support We insist that our customers can rely on regular support and training. Our trainings concern both, the used profile ranges and products as well as the computer applications.
  4. Competitive pricing Our sales prices are +/- 20% to 25%  cheaper than those of our competitors of prefabricated suppliers to similar quality products with the same features.
  5. Innovation Inspired by modern architecture. Driven by innovation. Thinking beyond the box is allowed, together we will adapt the frame of the box.