Atrium EN

The Atrium is a rectangular flat roof with or without a rectangular flat dome

The dome is a flat structure with standard 1.0 layered glass or as an option “vacuum glass”, both sun-protected, with supports in glass instead of aluminium and insulated vertical panels. 

This flat roof is supported on the backside on wall of the house and on full or partly side walls, the other sides are supported by ALUMINIUM or INOX posts (80x80x4). 

Aluminium posts + all visible dome profiles (rafter supports, rafter cover, T clip profile, clip profile, dome cover) are painted in black 9005 SDFTC. 

Contemporary modern home extension

Sleek and minimalist look

Increased light incidence by the small roof border with ceiling at 400 mm inwards

  • We have a block-note to write down all data to enter later in Cover in an easy way,
  • We have designed parametric models to easily cross over the technical threshold,
  • It is very easy to compile the project from these parametric models, with one or more domes, and various windows, doors and sliding doors,
  • The price, both purchase and sale price, is calculated very quickly,
  • A nice visualization and rendering is possible to visualize the project with accompanying plans.

Authentic flat roof, with or without dome

Spacious feeling trough large glass surfaces