We deliver fully assembled products. That way our verandas can be installed on the construction site with all convenience. 

Our production is based on an efficient lean management according to our harmonised FPC (Factory Production Control) rules and regarding the latest requirements of “Industry 4.0”. Windows & doors as well as the roof are fully prepared ready to install at the building site without any machining. Every delivery is accompanied of a full documentation; labels, information sheets, installation instructions.

We work with the most modern machinery offered of the market, managed from a central division of production preparation by Cover 3D GPAO (production administration management by computer) and our ERP features. Heigh product and service quality, taking into account modern lean management features like 5S (workplace organisation method), 8d (Problem Solving is a method), SMED (reducing the time it takes to complete equipment changeovers), A3 (a structured problem solving and continuous improvement approach), developed by skilled and experienced staff in a well and modern equipped workshop. Assembling according to the system supplier requirements and the company permanent-internal production control FPC – Factory Production Control.