New provider “Prefab Veranda” ready to download….

Our new libraries for Cover are downloadable and ready to install. We made some small changes, no changement in the price, only corrections and adaptations of our products. Major changements:
  • The old Quartz sliding door is removed from the windows library
  •  All the old posts 110mm are removed, the new posts 125mm and 197.5mm are added.
  • The possibility to add a “long keep” to the multi-point lock of the Quartz (to hide the lockbolts)
  • The possibility to add rounded handles to the sliding window “Graphite”, comparable to the “Quartz” serie
  • The rollershutter slats are changed from 41mm  to 43mm.
  • New larger sliders for roller shutter,  aswell as the motor and remote controls “IO” are added.
  • Small changements to different products with less influence.
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