New providers for Cover3D!

You can download the latest libraries for our “Prefab Veranda Concept” (2019-5) and Prefab „Basic models” concept (2019-3) in the download section of the client zone at our website.


  1. As always I remind that to copy new provider, the old one must be removed.
  2. To implement all new changes, there is necessary to exchange also multifilling provider.

Quick instruction how to change providers for filling:

  1. In folder C:\Cover\XLib\Providers remove current provider prefab_multifillings
  2. Copy prefab_multifillings 2019.5 dd 2019.11.29 and unzip in the folder
  3. The same for the prefab veranda provider 2019.5

The new libraries have some minor changes to the coding. We have solved a number of visual errors and simplified some parameters. Some minor adjustments to the price in minus and plus, as a result of changes by our suppliers.
These libraries are already in use by our production department, from the first of Januar.

  • change for painting price (standard colours)
  • full alu-console for overhang 217 against the wall
  • changed gaskets for all thicknesses of the glazing
  • Added external gasket in turn/tilt windows
  • added warning, when construction is over transport limit (>2500)
  • added new post – interior 80×80
  • added possibility to add post 100x125mm at the frame
  • added corner in fly window to hide gap between profiles (only for fly windows dedicated for 4v sliding doors)  
  • new distances on the side rafter made of EPS (new elements)
  • new possibility in Residence – added additional layer of PIR (40mm) in the main options. To obtain the correct value for additional PIR it must be also chosen as correct multifilling (added second type of multifilling)
  • added foams to cover the holes of the posts (black)
  • removed stripes on multifilling in Terras Veranda
  • Allure door – longkeep and pvc plate for locking plate/longkeep

For more information or help with the installation or training please ask your representative. We can support on site or from distance.

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