Improved sealing for windows&doors

Gaskets for Allure and Quartz 125

Due to a few comments from customers and further research, we have decided to adjust the inner rubbers to 1 thickness higher, than prescribed by the catalogs of our aluminum supplier.

For each order we change the gaskets for glazing of:

  • 28 mm from 738249 > to > 738240
  • 30 mm from 738241 > to > 738242

Depending on the season, these gaskets will be easier or more difficult to place, but they will ensure that there is more pressure on the glass, which will result in better watertightness.
As a result, the difference of a few mm in the glass thicknesses supplied by your glass supplier is better absorbed.

Inside foam in all window systems

After tests we no longer provide the foam that is currently glued in pieces on the inside of the frame. This element has no added value in our constructions and if not correctly repositioned it can block the drainage of the window. You can always ask, to add the foam in the ordersheet.

Extra gasket in turn & tilt windows

To also improve the water and wind resistance of opening and turn & tilt windows, an extra gasket will now be added to the outside frame. This provides a double seal of the window. These gaskets are adapted to have a decompression of the outer frame.
The installation of a water-repeller remains a necessity.

For more information ask your representative !

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